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Our Work

Just a few examples of some of the great work we've been a part of.

Metal Furnace

Air Pollution Control || Aluminum Electric Arc Furnace, Pennsylvania

This customer procures and processes aluminum scrap. DRP supported a greenfield hydrated lime sorbent injection system at the facility. DRP provided consultation on the design of the system, the equipment selection including storage silo, feeder system, and injection grid. DRP then provided onsite commissioning support for the system installation, including injection curves, acid gas emission measurements, and permitting.

Sanitary Bulk Food Design || Sugar Handling Process, Georgia

Sugar Handling Process, Georgia

A customer increased their throughput on two breakfast food lines with the addition of 25,000 cubic foot silo, railcar unload system, convey air conditioning system, and Clean In Place (CIP) system. The increased storage and convey system allowed the facility to increase their output by 12% per year. The increased storage capacity also reduced shipping and labor costs per pound of product produced by 4.8%.

Image by Crystal Kwok

Hazardous Byproduct Stabilization || Hazardous material conversion injection, North Carolina

DRP supported a customer’s research to transition from a hazardous byproduct disposal process to a traditional non-hazardous solution. DRP collected samples and organized analysis for the best chemical injection formula to create a non-hazardous material. DRP then organized a temporary trial injection of month on a full-scale system. After success of the trial results were measured, DRP designed a bulk storage and injection grid of the customized chemical solution.

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